We are a locally owned and operated Bottled Water Refill Store. We started our small business at the beginning of 2020, just before the pandemic became widespread. We saw the devastating impact the virus had on the community and people’s lives and their access to reliable inexpensive clean drinking water in high quantities, especially with reusable bottles. We made it our mission to provide the highest quality service of bulk Purified Drinking Water without having to depending on out of state companies or the supply chain.

Our purpose is to provide the best customer service along with the Highest Quality Purified Drinking Water, Premium Alkaline 9.5+ Water, and Nugget/Cubed Ice at bulk quantities and at a quality Texans can trust.

Using our Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis System, Activated Carbon Filter, UV light with Ozone; This system effectively removes all contaminates metals, bacteria, viruses, all harmful and unwanted impurities before adding our blend of essential Food Grade naturally occurring minerals to enhance the taste and Ph.

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